Focus on CERT - National Center for Response to Cyber ​​Security Incidents in Togo

February 25, 2021 | by: David Kodjani

CERT is the national cybersecurity incident response center in Togo. Its mission is to identify, analyze and mitigate cyber attacks affecting the State, citizens, Togolese companies and organizations.

Officially launched in February 2021, this organization called Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT), in French National Center for Response to Cybersecurity Incidents in Togo, is a first for Togo. Its operationalization comes at a time when Togo has engaged in recent years, vast maneuvers in the cybersecurity sector.

With this launch, Togo joins a global network of countries with national CERTs dedicated to the collective cyber defense effort, through the monitoring of local cyberspace and the permanent management of cybersecurity incidents. This cyberattack response structure is headed by the cybersecurity services company "Cyber ​​Defense Africa SAS (CDA), itself placed under the supervision of the National Cybersecurity Agency (ANCy) which is in close collaboration with the Ministry of the Digital Economy and Digital Transformation.

The CERT, including the website has also been made public, its role is to identify, analyze and deal with cyberthreats facing the state, citizens, businesses and organizations of the country. This portal contains all information relating to cybersecurity. From professional training to advice, tips, resources and news, the CERT platform has something to reassure citizens about the protection of Togolese cyberspace. It should be noted that the average citizen has the possibility of declaring a cybersecurity incident. Incidents that can occur to individuals, companies and even public administrations.

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