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What Is A Mining Engineer And How To Become One

What Is A Mining Engineer And How To Become One

10 months ago | by: David Kodjani

A Mining Engineer is a specialist in soils, rock mechanics and mineral resource extraction methods.

A Mining Engineer is a specialist in soils, rock mechanics and mineral resource extraction methods.

A mine development engineer represents the driving force of a mining industry which resolutely deviates from its old image of extractor of coal (dated and polluting resource) and devourer of men (Germinal…). The mine is now geared towards high technology and respect for the environment.

The specialization in mining engineering is one of the least known, and yet the most profitable! Although little known to the public, the mining industry has a strong impact on the economy of several countries.

What a mining engineer does

A mining engineer participates in the realization of major civil engineering works: metro, hydroelectric structures or networks, roads, tunnels ... Thanks to his training, he can work either in engineering, that is to say the actual design of mines, works and installations, either in the management of works or operations in the mining field. In the latter case, the mining engineer ensures that schedules are respected or even that budgets are balanced. The functions of a mining engineer are therefore very diverse. He must plan mining work and the construction of related facilities, supervise the execution of the work, create and analyze new extraction processes, or evaluate new mining sites.

This is an ideal job for the engineer who wants to combine indoor and outdoor work!

Skills needed to become a mining engineer

  • Master at least one foreign language

  • Versatility

  • Sense of contact


The range for a mining production engineer is 301,842 CFA to 916,574 CFA per month. Salary levels also vary among employers and industries. More demanding workplaces, for example in inclement weather conditions and those with strict rules, may offer better wages.

Mining engineering, however, being an industry at the mercy of market flows, salaries vary from year to year.

Training courses to become a mining engineer

There are several schools that train for the profession of mining engineer, so at Bac + 5.

Becoming a mining engineer, like other engineering programs, requires obtaining a bachelor's degree. One of the schools that trains people to be a mining engineer is the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa. It offers over 3,600 undergraduate and postgraduate courses in English in: Science, Health Sciences, Humanities, Engineering and Built Environment, Business, Law and Management.

When choosing a school, one of the factors that you need to consider is the tuition fees. The cost of an engineering program varies. In large part, the institution you choose will greatly influence how much you can spend.

Engineering degrees are generally designed to last four years. To achieve this goal, however, you will need to take a full course load each semester. In most schools this means 15 hours of lessons.

Mining engineers can find work as:

  • Geological Engineer

  • Geophysical Engineer

  • Mining Engineer

  • Mining Safety Engineer

  • Seismic Engineer

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