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Top 10 Structural Engineering Companies In Africa

Top 10 Structural Engineering Companies In Africa

8 months ago | by: David Kodjani

African Cabinet of Engineering for Development (CAÏD)

Based in Tunis, CAID International is a multidisciplinary engineering company, specializing in studies and consulting in the field of economic and social development.

With more than 10 years of experience to its credit, CAÏD International is present in more than 15 African and European countries. It has carried out more than 60 missions across the globe and has more than 50 experts from all over the world.

The Tunisian structure operates in the following areas:

  • Building and Industry,

    • Water and Environment

    • Air, Maritime and Land Transport

    • Strategic Studies

    • Conventional and Renewable Energy

    • GIS and IT Development

Ensuring quality services, providing relevant, integrated and sustainable solutions are the components of CAÏD International's ultimate goal.

The African Engineering Company "SAFI" is a study and consultancy company in engineering, planning and the environment. SAFI, is a company incorporated under Tunisian law, it markets know-how on the African continent in association with Tunisian expertise in hydro-agricultural development, roads, urban development and the environment.

It has 4 departments namely:

  • Hydraulic and Rural Development Department (Har)

    • Water & Soil Conservation Department (Ces)

    • Civil Engineering Department & Vrd (Gcv)

    • Agro-socio-economic & Environment Department

SAFI has therefore, in accordance with these departments, 4 areas of expertise in addition to the training it provides. The company provides its customers with high-performance technical resources associated with the dynamism of a multidisciplinary team of great experience, capable of reconciling technical and regulatory constraints with those of an increasingly demanding natural and human environment.

The SAFI team is made up of highly qualified engineers and academics. In addition to its permanent experts and in order to perfectly accomplish the implementation of the projects entrusted to it, SAFI has recourse to a vast network of consultants with great competence and experience in various fields.

CIC-Afrique is an Individual Company. It specializes in strengthening the competitiveness of businesses and local and international organizations, supporting decentralized state structures and local communities, supporting and building the capacity of civil society organizations.

With qualified, experienced and dedicated employees in their work, CIC-AFRIQUE is positioned as one of the most important firms in the market.

Recognizing the challenges and issues specific to each sector of activity, its team develops specialized sector skills.

CIC-AFRIQUE thus offers modern expertise supported by new concepts of African expertise, geared towards achieving its clients' objectives.

In terms of figures, CIC-Afrique has 30 satisfied clients, 15 training sessions given and 10

assistance missions carried out.

The African Society for Financial Studies and Engineering is a multidisciplinary research office which has been working since 1997 in the field of development support in Africa.

The SAEIF - Study Office is made up of a team of professional consultants, specialized in various fields of activity. The team put in place, likely to be reinforced at any time, is characterized by the plurality of experiences of its members.

This approach has enabled the firm to conquer a prominent place on the national market and in the West African sub-region. It also made it possible to broaden the range of the company's activities and its geographical coverage. From Guinea, the SAEIF-Bureau d'Études has developed its services throughout West and Central Africa.

In addition to these numerous collaborators, the firm has 6 permanent members.

The Society International for Engineering and Studies Development in Africa (SONED-Africa) is an engineering consulting firm in more than 15 African countries. Being among the first consultancies to take an interest in studies, control and assistance, SONED-Africa asserts its expertise in several fields of activity: infrastructure, hydro-agricultural development and rural development, water supply and sanitation, economic development studies ...

Thanks to its engineering professionals spread over four technical departments, international representations in Chad and Guinea since 1995, SONED-Africa offers new policies for sustainable development through solutions and technologies modern in order to meet the expectations and requirements of its customers and employees.

SONED-Africa has more than 40 permanent employees and more than 100 external consultants. It qualitatively contributes to the development of Africa.

Africa Engineering is a design office with more than 25 years of experience and recognized in the field of civil engineering, industrial and VRD engineering.

Their main missions are Project management assistance (Consulting, Diagnostics, Audit and Expertise), Project Management (Technical design project management, Execution project management, Construction economics, Studies execution) and Scheduling, Steering, Coordination.

Based in Morocco, Afrique Ingénieur has strong IT resources and qualified engineers and technicians who number 50.

Engineering & African Achievements (IRAF) was founded in 1998 in the Republic of Guinea. Its workforce is characterized by a wide range of specializations in the fields of electricity, IT and telecommunications.

IRAF, having to its credit extensive experience in the management of electrification projects, is now a consultancy firm recognized in Africa by actors in the electricity sector, electricity, industry and infrastructure, as well as by major multilateral donors.

On Guinean territory, in addition to engineering (studies, expertise, advice), IRAF has extended its activity to supply and work in electricity, IT and telecommunications, and protection against lightning.

IRAF relies on a large staff of engineers and specialists in its fields of activity and related sectors. The permanent staff are accompanied by external consultants according to the requirements of the projects. In addition, IRAF's human resources are in close contact with the group's international partners in order to provide, if necessary, technical support in terms of knowledge, expertise and know-how.

TTTI is a Togolese construction and civil engineering company created in 1995. It works in the construction of buildings, public works and hydraulic development in Togo and Africa.

Their major achievements, in particular the construction of major structures, buildings, road networks, roads, sanitation, hydro-agricultural developments, etc., demonstrate their commitment to work for quality in this area.

The staff is made up of Engineers, Architects, Senior Technicians, Permanent and Specialized Workers. Preserving the health and physical integrity of employees is a top priority, inseparable from the success of their work.

The engineering company in construction and Multi-services in Senegal (ICM SENEGAL) is a construction company: general masonry, plumbing, insulation works, Btp. They are also specialized in the Renovation and Transformation of houses, infrastructure works, Structures, Exterior fittings, Turnkey projects, Renovations and transformations of facades.

The company has the freedom to carry out projects of different sizes. From small personal projects to large-scale construction.