Namanya : The first citizen application at the heart of the life of the Togolese city

February 22, 2021 | by: David Kodjani

"Namanya" is a multifunctional mobile application which aims to be an information platform on Togo's municipalities.

Launched in the first week of February with its website, the Namanya application which means "Inform me" in French is an initiative of the Social Universities of Togo (UST). "Namanya" wants to inform Togolese citizens on two administrative aspects that not everyone has mastered by revealing everything about the functioning of town halls and the work of mayors. Now all it takes is one click to get to know the 91 members of the council better. Togolese National Assembly, figures on the number of women and details on political parties.

The application also offers the possibility of having reliable information on administrative procedures including the procedures to obtain a passport or an identity card national, etc ...

The innovative solution that is "Namanya" aims to promote participatory democracy, strengthen dialogue between elected officials and their populations and fill the information gap that existed between elected officials and their community.

All this has been made possible thanks to the technology that has been put here at the service of information related to decentralization and parliament in Togo. The Togolese administration, through the UST, understood the importance of using technology to participate in the training of young people because they are very accustomed to new technologies and online information. They are therefore served with "Namanya."

The application, developed by young Togolese, is available on the Play Store or App Store and can also be installed on a computer.

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