Scanner, what is it?

March 01, 2021 | by: David Kodjani

The scanner is an imaging technique for diagnostic purposes which consists of "scanning" a given region of the body in order to create cross-sectional images, thanks to the use of an X-ray beam.

The technique therefore consists in measuring absorption of X-rays by the tissues, the rays being more or less absorbed depending on the density of the latter. Its principle consists in making images in thin sections of your body. Instead of being stationary, the x-ray tube will rotate around you and thanks to a powerful computer system, images are obtained. Then they are printed on film for study.

In most cases, an iodine-based contrast medium is used to improve their quality. It can be injected intravenously, swallowed or introduced through the anus. The collected data is then analyzed by a computer which reconstructs images. The anatomical structures to be explored are thus displayed in a gray scale on a video screen, which makes it possible to detect differences between the tissues.

The term "scanner" is actually the name of the medical device, but it is commonly used to refer to the exam. An Examination that gives cross-sectional images of an organ and the purpose of which is to give more details about the results of an x-ray or ultrasound, such as the location and extent of a lesion on an organ or a fabric. Thanks to the cross-sectional images obtained, the doctor can assess the shape, position, volume, size and possible abnormalities in a multitude of anatomical structures, depending on the region explored. A scan can be done at the cerebral, spinal, thoracic, abdominal, pelvic, etc. Clearly, the scanner You might need to:

  1. educate physicians on a specific area prior to Intervention
  2. locate a lesion or establish the extent
  3. in cancer, the scanner can help control response to chemotherapy or to guide
  4. biopsiesSet evidence of infections, hemorrhage, cysts, tumors, ganglia,
  5. Accurately locate one organ in relation to another, define the course of a vessel.
  6. Guiding deep organ punctures avoiding surgery

The scanner room consists of:

  • The machine, which consists of a ring inside which is the x-ray tube and a bunk on which you are lying down that enters the center of the ring.
  • The control console behind which the medical staff is located is separated from the rest of the room by a leaded glass.
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