Cybersecurity - Health: Top 6 consulting firms in West Africa

June 29, 2021 | by: David Kodjani

A consulting firm is a business that employs consultants who sell opinions or recommendations on what should be done in an organization to improve an aspect of it. The services of these companies aim to improve the functioning and performance, current or future, of a public or private organization: company, association, ministry, local authority, trade union, etc.

Consulting firms, called firms or firms, assist directors of companies by providing them with expert advisers, also called consultants or advisers, usually trained in management in business schools.

More and more companies are completing the strategic deliverable, providing the means to implement the recommendations, either with the consultants themselves, or by providing business experts, which has opened up new markets for these companies. This is called outsourcing.

Consulting services belong to the tertiary sector and represent several hundreds of billions of dollars in annual turnover. Between 2010 and 2015, the 10 largest consulting firms alone reported annual revenue of 170 billion and an average growth of 4% per year.

In Africa, if the management consulting professions were very little developed in Africa until the early 2000s, they have grown considerably over the past decade. This development can be explained in particular by economic liberalism characterized by the privatization of many public enterprises. To support this movement, both private and public structures have shown the need to get help from firms in defining and implementing their strategy. In this article we are going to talk about some consulting firms in the fields of cybersecurity, health and space.

WISS AFRICA is specialized in consulting and training in the fields of telecommunications, digital, agility, innovation, soft skills and cybersecurity, as well as assistance in setting up digital service platforms (e-health, e-government, e-education).

WISS AFRICA relies on dozens of experienced consultants and experts, spread around the world and with solid references in various fields such as management, business strategies, the management of digital transformation and management projects. change, engineering and technological choices in telecommunications, innovation management, creativity and innovation methodologies, etc.

The company works with large companies such as Orange Sonatel, Orange Mali, Orange Guinea Bissau and Zamani

Founded in 2010, Polaris Secure Technologies is a consulting firm specializing in information systems security.

Present in Europe and Africa, Polaris ST supports its customers in the design of their cybersecurity strategy and in their implementation.

It also supports ISO 27001, PCI DSS, GDPR compliance, etc. or the choice of technical solutions to meet your needs, completely independent from manufacturers and publishers.

Polaris Secure technologies counts among its clients both CAC 40 companies as well

as companies on a human scale and from various business sectors such as: Orange, PNB Paribas, BSIC, Orabank Guinea, Orange Cyberdefense.

MNS Consulting Group is an international strategy and engineering consulting firm specializing in the digital industry. It stands out for its unique positioning, combining a great deal of technical expertise with strong skills in strategy and management.

Cybersecurity refers to protection against breakdowns, malfunctions and fraudulent actions in areas where digital technologies are involved: computers and peripherals, industrial equipment, transport, financial services…

MNS cover different types of services such as auditing security (network, infra, endpoints, etc.), Consulting, Threat Intelligence, data, e-mails and applications, Engineering services for the deployment of secure infrastructures and Identity and access management.

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Born in 2010, Acsantis is an independent consulting firm specializing in the health and medico-social sector. The company places its knowledge and know-how at the service of its customers, in line with changes in the healthcare system, and with the constant search for the support of the teams and professionals involved.

The integrated care project is the core business of Acsantis, which sees it as a driver of organizational innovation thanks to the alliance of coordination between actors from all fields of health; an inter-professional nature and use of information systems.

Acsantis offers an innovative vision of health and medico-social.

ICI-Santé provides technical support to States, ministries of health, national councils in the fight against AIDS, international institutions, bilateral cooperation, local authorities, non-governmental organizations and civil society in the design , the implementation and evaluation of health programs aimed at providing sustainable solutions to the main health challenges of the continent.

Created in 2000, AMC is a firm specializing in quality management, occupational health and safety, the environment and food safety. In the service of improving the performance of African companies, our structure offers support services for certification, advice, audit, diagnosis, training and recruitment. Based in Dakar, AMC operates in all sectors of activity regardless of the size of the organization, from VSE to GE.

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