Top 10 Best Pan-African Banks

October 31, 2021 | by: David Kodjani

This top 10 of the best African banks, determined from the total balance sheet, market capitalization, outstanding loans and deposits, GNP and, above all, African expansion, is not exhaustive.

This is a strong bias in favor of institutions that invest outside their countries of origin, thus contributing to increasing inter-African flows. The second bias represents the bet of transparency. Listed companies are favored by the Financial Afrik barometer because the latter believes that not going public nowadays is a major obstacle to transparency and the modernization of the financial sector.

Technology has changed the way the Standard Bank team lives and works. Stakeholders' expectations of the bank are changing dramatically and rapidly, and strategy must meet these expectations. The bank is therefore strengthening its digital capabilities and integrating it into its activities to transform the customer experience and boost operational efficiency in a radically different world.

The company has updated its strategic priorities to align with the operating environment and its strategic positioning to clarify what it needs to do to achieve its goal.

Transform the customer experience, execute with excellence and drive sustainable growth and value; these are Standard Bank's strategic priorities.

This pan-African bank aims to be the most innovative financial services group in Africa. Ecobank was born from the idea of ​​creating a bank present in West Africa and the rest of Africa for all companies. The founders of the Ecobank Group wanted an African bank for Africans.

Ecobank's objective is twofold: on the one hand, to give a modern pan-African bank the means to prosper and, on the other hand, to contribute to the economic development and financial integration of the continent.

Ecobank is committed to boosting economic development across sub-Saharan Africa. The first subsidiary Ecobank opened in Togo in October 1985.

DrivenBy a strong ambition to support the development of the continent, BANK OF AFRICA has set strategic priorities that take into account current developments in its business and which capitalize on the lessons of the health crisis that marked the year 2020. While defining the strategic levers for its development, such as improving operational efficiency and strengthening risk management systems and recovery.

BANK OF AFRICA is a group with strong values. With its openness to the world and its deep anchoring in the history of the Kingdom, the BANK OF AFRICA Group has built a system of values ​​around tolerance and sharing. Its multiculturalism and cultural diversity constitute a base for its influence and a source of inspiration for its teams and managers.

The group has more than 6 million customers, more than 15,000 employees, more than 1,800 points of sale and is present in 32 countries.

For more than seven decades, the United Bank of Africa (UBA) has provided superior financial services to small businesses, corporations, governments, institutions and individuals around the world.

UBA has a large footprint across the globe operating in 20 African countries. The Bank also operates in the United Kingdom, the United States of America and is present in Paris.

Today, UBA is one of the largest financial services groups on the African continent. The bank provides banking services uxcompanies,SMEs, consumers and individuals (retail) to more than 18 million customers served through different channels: more than 1000 offices and business points of contact with customers (2,539 ATMs, 24,168 points of sale, robust online and mobile banking services, social media, etc.). In addition, UBA offers pension custody and related services. She has proven expertise and capacity in key sectors of economies across Africa, particularly in oil and gas, infrastructure finance, agriculture and commodities / export. Its presence in Africa positions it as a privileged partner for structured solutions from the main governments and companies operating in Africa.

Zenith Bank Plc was established in May 1990 and started operations in July of the same year as a commercial bank. The Bank became a public limited company on June 17, 2004 and was listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) on October 21, 2004 following a very successful Initial Public Offering (IPO). Zenith Bank Plc currently has a shareholder base of around one million and is Nigeria's largest bank with Tier 1 capital.

Become Nigeria's leading, technology-driven, global financial institution that provides a distinctive range of financial services , this is the vision of Zenith Bank. The latter wants to make its Zenith brand a renowned international financial institution recognized for its innovation, superior performance and the creation of premium value for all stakeholders.

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First Bank of Nigeria Limited (FirstBank) is West Africa's leading bank with its impact woven into the fabric of society. The Bank, which has maintained its development-oriented services for over 125 years as the region's leading provider of financial inclusion services, offers a full range of retail and corporate financial services through more than from 57,000 commercial outlets to more than 17 million customer accounts.

The bank's goal is to always place customers, partners and stakeholders at the heart of its business, while standardizing the customer experience and excellence in financial solutions across sub-Saharan Africa, in line with its brand vision "To be the partner of choice in building your future".

TheGroup is developing its skills and know-how in the fields of commercial banking.

The markets in which the ORABANK group is present have the particularity of having a low banking rate. The vast majority of economic operators develop their activity in the informal sector, and are excluded from the banking system. The group's positioning, and its local integration, make it possible to provide financial solutions to all players in the economies in which we operate, according to principles of proximity and responsiveness. Orabank promotes the daring of entrepreneurship for all project leaders.

By offering its varied clientele, local and international, a wider range of banking products and services, a banking network of more than a hundred branches through 12 subsidiaries and branches and leading correspondent banks, the group in makes daily partners.

The Sahelo Saharan Bank for Investment and Trade (BSIC) was created on April 14, 1999. It is a regional banking institution carrying out all banking, financial and commercial activities, including those relating to the financing of foreign trade and investments. .

The main mission of the BSIC is to contribute to the socio-economic development of the shareholder states. In addition to the activities of a commercial bank, it also finances foreign trade as well as investment and development projects.

The bank:

  • supports the economies of the community through the financing of growth sectors.
  • promotes investment by member states.
  • finances basic primary activities (cotton, peanuts, sesame, gum arabic, cocoa, etc.) through campaign credits.
  • finances the productive needs and all day-to-day operating needs of commercial enterprises through cash assistance or commitments by signature.
  • Coris Bank

Beyond the banker's code of ethics which imposes certain duties, the values ​​of CBI are at the same time a state of mind, a culture and a way of being which animate the staff and frame behavior. Five values ​​guide actions in the implementation of the business plan: Trust, Originality, Responsibility, Integrity, Sociability. These 5 values ​​are the basis of any relationship and they designate the management and governance model of Coris Bank International, which strives to communicate with all staff as well as all partners in a climate of trust. Coris Bank wants to be the benchmark bank in Africa and achieve high performance results over time with a rate of continuous growth. All to become the most efficient and accessible bank in Africa through good country coverage.

The bank is giving mission:

  • Financing and businesses especially SMEs / SMIs
  • Improving the quality of life of customers with service offerings that meet your expectations
  • Bringing business development opportunities
  • Provide reasons total satisfaction
  • Provide a range of innovative products and services
  • NSIABank

NSIA thegroup is positioned as the first African financial group of reference, leader in bancassurance, efficient and attractive, allowing the greatest number of access quality, adapted and innovative solutions.

The Group intends to offer, through the professionalism and commitment of its teams, competitive and innovative solutions in insurance and banking, with a view to providing clients with protection and financing and thus participating in the economic and social development of countries.

The NSIA Group has a large Insurance network in West and Central Africa, and five (5) Banks in West Africa. It affirms its ambition to become the leader in bancassurance in the CIMA zone by developing retail banking and by setting up monitoring of the environmental and social impact of projects financed and / or insured.

Source: Financial Afrik

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