How to become a Software Engineer?

August 12, 2021 | by: David Kodjani

The Software Engineer is responsible for programming and validating all or part of a software module, as well as its integration before delivery and then its maintenance in operational condition.

The software engineer thus participates in the entire cycle of an IT project, from the end of the definition of the project to the maintenance phases, and works within a team, under the responsibility of a project manager. Informatic project.

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The Software Engineer must:

  • Be rigorous in order to guarantee the reliability of the software modules and their adequacy with the specifications, as well as the respect of the deadline of the project in which he participates,
  • Possess a good capacity for teamwork, the software engineer being a cog in a team, far from the popular image of the solitary programmer,
  • Knowing how to adapt to new contexts, which he will encounter in the course of the projects which will lead him to meet various clients and several different technical environments.

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Studies and training

The Software Engineer can come from a Grande Ecole d'Ingénieurs, or from a specialized university training of at least Masters level. In times of stress on the job market, recent scientists holding a non-computer science master's degree (for example in physics or mathematics) may hope to be recruited by IT services companies under specific programs providing them with training in internal programming.

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Possible evolutions

The Software Engineer can evolve towards project management responsibilities, by becoming IT Project Manager and supervising a team of Software Engineers, or on the contrary capitalizing on his technical knowledge, by becoming an Expert in a particular field or a Specialized Consultant.

The salary of a software programmer in West Africa is greater than or equal to 100 thousand francs per month.

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