Brand manager: what is it and how to become one?

July 06, 2021 | by: David Kodjani

In a company, the brand manager defines the development policy for the product or a range of products. From their launch to their marketing, he/she is involved in all processes. Its goal is to ensure that the brand or product line created will appeal to the public.

With this in mind, he/she carries out several market studies (consumer tests, analysis of consumer panels, etc.) which are followed by seduction operations with suppliers. During these operations, he/she uses local or international media, advertising posters, sales teams and strives to strengthen partnerships.

During the launch phase of a product or a range of products, he/she carefully monitors market trends and analyzes consumer behavior. He/She provides competitive intelligence to determine the gaps to be filled or the improvements to be made for the sake of productivity.

Guarantor of the reputation of the brand, he/she multiplies the actions so that he/she is clearly identifiable: packaging, price, segmentation, communication. Several collaborators support him in his activities. These are the marketing assistants, brand manager assistants and research managers.

The job of brand manager is part of the field of communication.

Qualities and skills required

Organized, versatile and responsive, the brand manager also stands out for his creativity. He knows how to bring the most innovative projects to life. His excellent interpersonal skills allow him to win those around him to his cause. He is a brilliant mind with great analytical power. This ability is essential for him to control market trends and redefine the development strategy of a product line if necessary. The accuracy of his observations and the relevance of his decisions make him a key player in a company. The brand manager also remains open to comments from his employees, aware that the plurality of intelligence is always beneficial.

Studies and training

Becoming a brand manager is inaccessible to neophytes. In general, you must have accumulated several years of experience in a sector related to the brand or marketing. Access to the position nevertheless requires obtaining a professional master's degree in applied marketing or a professional bachelor's degree in trade. Large business schools such as ISM, BEM Dakar or IAM also offer training courses to practice this profession.

Almost all businesses have to promote their products or services in order to survive. A brand manager can therefore carry out his activities almost anywhere: industrial, commercial, service companies, etc.

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