e-Bouf, The First Online Restaurant In Togo

March 04, 2021 | by: David Kodjani

e-Bouf is an e-commerce start-up that offers three services: catering, home meal delivery and tips and advice.

More clearly, e-Bouf is a company that allows customers to buy food online, have it delivered to their home or subscribe to a prepaid service that offers home cooking and tips.

The idea of ​​creating this structure dates back to 2010, entrusted to us by its founder Mr. Aymane Gbadamassi. "I was still at the Campus and I often came home late, quite tired. My concern was the fact that in my neighborhood, there weren't really any small food vendors, just like there are today. For dinner, you had to take zem to go buy something to eat and good food was a bit far away. And since then, the idea has always crossed my mind to create a restaurant chain that would allow people to order online and have it delivered to their homes but that was in 2010, it was the 1G (Lol) But since a bad idea is better than no idea at all, I kept that, I worked on it day by day and today, we created e-Bouf and the services around it. " He told us with a smile at the corner of his lips.

The beginning of everything, as we know, is never easy, especially in entrepreneurship. There are therefore many obstacles facing the start up but they are still manageable according to Mr. Gbadamassi thanks to the great team behind it. One of the peculiarities of e-Bouf is that the customer can order any dish at any time except that for some, they place the orders and want to be delivered in 25/30 min while the restaurant in line does not serve reheated. Their dishes, for the most part, are prepared quickly after they have registered the order according to the customer's culinary desires and restrictions. It therefore takes, logically, a little time before the customer is delivered. But generally, they deliver in at least 45 minutes. The start-up also asks customers to place their orders a little earlier so that they are registered quickly and processed accordingly.

The second concern that e-Bouf encounters in the deployment of its digital services is that some customers are slow to come and receive their orders once the courier is there and this affects the courier's line if he has a lot of deliveries to make. "However, we are doing everything possible to deliver on time."Said the CEO of the box.

The fear among customers of paying for their orders in advance is another of the concerns facing the young Togolese company despite being legal.

The head of e-Bouf in the person of Mr. Gbadamassi is a 28-year-old director, climate activist and entrepreneur. As a director, he has already made a lot of films that have received awards in Togo, Benin and Guinea Conakry. He is also very committed to the environmental cause, in particular for civic education in schools, and has already created several companies and programs that make life easier for Togolese.

After this interviewmillion.Gbadamassi did not fail to send a message to African youth in these words: "Each being is a bearer of history and Africa is a blessed land. Today we see far too many young people losing hope in their homeland and venturing into other horizons, it's a shame! That is my opinion. Our youth have great potential except that for the most part they don't realize it. This youth is comparable to a lion who has lived all his life among hyenas and does not know he can roar, it does not make sense. You can accomplish great things by being disciplined, daring and determined, you just have to be aware of it and know that there are no failures in life, there are only experiences. The strength is in the number and (01) is not a number. BE TOGETHER !"

e-Bouf is available on www.e-bouf.com

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