Top 10 Software Engineering Schools in Africa

September 12, 2021 | by: David Kodjani

In our article Top 10 Structural Engineering Schools in Africa, we highlighted the fact that it is normal for any student to seek excellence at the level of the University or school that will train them and that Africa has good schools.

As an African student, there are many advantages to studying in Africa. Proximity is usually the first factor. As these schools are located on the mainland, it is easier for parents and relatives to visit them. Therefore, the tour is cheaper.

In addition, African universities are relatively cheaper and more conducive to African students.

We come back with our Top 10 article but this time focused on some of the best software engineering schools in Africa:

  1. Higher School of Computing and Technologies of the Supdeco Group - Senegal

Supportedy the Higher School of Commerce Group, which has as its vocation to support changes in African societies, the higher school of computer science and technology trains experts in software development, adapted to the needs of a company. Thanks to its Master Software Engineering program, it allows the student to evolve in different sectors such as administrations, transport, logistics, etc.

This program is for individuals who hold an undergraduate degree in computer science or a related discipline.

The school is based in Dakar, Senegal, more precisely at Campus Point E. This state-approved higher education establishment has 27 years of experience in training. It has more than 350 emeritus professors and executives involved in the training. With an exceptional rate of insertion of graduates, the establishment welcomes students from more than 25 countries.

  1. Institut Ucac - Icam, Cameroon

This Cameroonian school, based in Yaoundé, relies on a completely innovative pedagogy.

The school places these students in real business situations in order to develop the skills they will need in professional life. Based on the PBL learning method (problem based learning), the computer engineer training with a focus on Systems, Networks - Telecoms & Software Engineering teaches you to learn and acquire the techniques, methods and professional behaviors of a good computer scientist.

The school also supports these students on an individual basis in order to help them define their professional project and progress at their own pace. The school's equipped laboratory immerses students in a high-tech environment allowing them to progress and prepare their professional career in the best conditions.

The Ucac - Icam institute has more than 800 apprenticeship contracts in Central Africa, more than 600 graduate engineers, more than 250 industrial maintenance technicians, more than 250 industrial projects and 630 students spread over 2 campuses.

  1. PIDERC Specialization Institute (ISP), Cameroon

The Institute offers a professional license in Software Engineering (LPGL) and thus trains well-equipped professionals in the areas of Network, Multimedia and Distributed Systems knowledge.

Computing has for years become network computing, meaning that all major systems are network-based. The demand for specialists in Software Engineering is obvious.

In addition, although its vocation is professional, the LPGL of the ISP can be part of the longer academic training course, leading to the Master then to the Doctorate.

With Gustave TCHOUAMO as delegate, ISP has more than 12 years of experience, more than 1,200 young people trained, more than 38 choices of courses, more than 80% of integration rate and 100% of internship placement.

  1. Essitech International, Burkina Faso

Essitech International trains high-level generalist engineers in computer science,

with particular emphasis on software engineering.

The training revolves around a common base focused on the design and production of software as well as options allowing students to choose a computer science specialty

in which they wish to acquire additional skills.

The school aspires to offer quality engineering training in the field of new technologies in order to contribute to the development of human capital throughout Burkina where it intends to set up.

  1. African Institute of Informatics (IAI) - Togo

Opened in 2002, IAI-TOGO currently offers the training cycle for computer engineers (Professional license in computer science). At the end of the three years of training, graduates can continue their higher studies at the head office in GABON or in Western or Asian universities (UTBM in FRANCE, Université-Laval du Québec in CANADA, etc.).

Admission to IAI in the 1st year of the cycle "Computer Engineering Engineer (Professional License)" options Software Engineering (GL), Systems and Networks (SR) of the African Institute of Computer Science, Representation of Togo (IAI- TOGO) is done by competition. The latter is opened each year by the Minister of Development Planning.

IAI-Togo is represented by Mr. AGBETI Kodjo.

  1. Faculty of Computers and Artificial Intelligence - Cairo University, Egypt

FCI-CU is committed to providing quality education and research to create a highly competitive caliber of specialists in the fields of computer science, science and technology. IT and decision support. It also offers capacity building programs, consultations and technical solutions to contribute to social and economic development.

FCI-CU will be a leading institution of higher education and scientific research in the fields of informatics, informatics and decision support at regional and international levels.

With a faculty of more than 180 people, this faculty of the university of cairo is headed by a strong woman in the capacity of dean.

  1. ENSIT - School of Computer Science Engineering, Ivory Coast

ENSIT is an engineering school dedicated to teaching and research in digital sciences and technologies. Established in Abidjan, two Plateaux not far from the ENA, it trains experts in technological innovation, managers and entrepreneurs.

The school has instructed more than 100 professionals, trained more than 50 engineers with more than 30 professional teachers. It is located at Cocody II Plateaux Boulevard des Martyrs in Abidjan.

  1. Ivorian Institute of Technology, Ivory Coast

The IIT wants to contribute to the emergence of a more prosperous African society through the mastery of technologies, innovation and entrepreneurship.

The software engineering training offered by the Institute therefore aims to provide students with the skills required to intervene in all phases of software production, namely: identification and analysis of needs, drafting of specifications. technical and functional, software development, realization of unit and integration tests, user training as well as deployment and maintenance.

Founded by the company director and Engineer-Consultant in the fields of ICT and business management, Caliste Claude M'BAHIA, the IIT is located in the city of Grand-Bassam, 15 minutes from the international airport of 'Abidjan, and 30 minutes from downtown Abidjan.

  1. PIGIER-BÉNIN, Benin

The PIGIER-BÉNIN School is a private higher education institution in management science and technology. It is a school of LA COMPAGNIE DE FORMATION (France), member of the EDUSERVICES Group, a major player in private technical higher education in France. PIGIER-BÉNIN therefore benefits from the synergy of the network effect, and therefore from the know-how of other schools around the world.

The school trains executives capable of mastering engineering techniques related to the design of software systems, as well as the design, deployment and administration of a corporate local computer network.

It is located at Agontinkon-Antidote in Cotonou.

  1. Federal University of Technology, Minna, Nigeria

Federal University of Technology, Minna is also known as FUTMINNA. This engineering school has trained some of the best engineers who are the pride of Nigeria today.

The university currently has 8 engineering schools and also offers postgraduate degrees.

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