Polaris Secure Technologies, a forward-thinking firm serving Cybersecurity challenges in Africa

March 16, 2021 | by: David Kodjani

Founded in 2010, Polaris Secure Technologies is a consulting firm specializing in security systems of Information (SSI).

Present in Europe and Africa, Polaris ST supports its clients in the design of their Cybersecurity Strategy and in their implementation. It also supports them in ensuring ISO 27001, PCI DSS, RGPD compliance or in choosing technical solutions to meet their needs, in complete independence from manufacturers and publishers.

Polaris Secure Technologies Founder and CEO Malick Fall is a Cybersecurity Consultant with seventeen (17) years of experience. Passionate about his discipline, Malick Fall has built since 2004 proven expertise in the Design of Open Source Security Solutions, Governance and Risk Management, including Technical Expertise, Operation and Administration of equipment security.

This expertise allows Malick Fall to lead teams of experienced senior consultants with his ISO 27001 Lead Implementer and Lead Auditor certifications.

With this potential, Polaris ST is therefore a Pure Player in Cybersecurity with a Global Approach to customer needs. Indeed, it offers its customers a valued and "customized" offer in Audit, Consulting and Training.

With its slogan, "Cybersecurity, our job!" », Polaris Secure Technologies actively participates in the fight against cybercrime and cyberattacks which are only growing with the development of Cloud technologies, the use of IoT devices, Teleworking ...

In addition, Polaris ST supports IT organizations. upstream downstream of their Certification process through:

  • The identification of their security problems at the level of their Information System with the Audit offer;
  • Providing solutions and recommendations thanks to the Consulting offer;
  • And support for operational teams and their managers in their skills development with the help of its Training offer.

The fight against cybercrime is an issue that concerns the private sector and public administrations on all continents. Faced with the dazzling advance of this phenomenon, the founder of Polaris ST advises two strategic axes: prevention and detection. For this, security training for digital players is essential. However, despite all these measures, zero risk does not exist. Detection becomes a major issue.

In Africa, several challenges are to be taken up and for the leader of Polaris ST "the continent must join forces to collectively face cyber attacks." The porosity of digital borders as well as the cooperation of the hackers themselves require cooperation. In addition, cyber defense has a significant cost. The budget of a state like Senegal corresponds to 0.18% of the funds allocated to the defense of the United States of America. Finally, continental digital sovereignty must be reinforced in order to master some links of the African digital defense chain to complete foreign solutions because the game is worth the candle To date, none of these solutions is African.

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