2021 Internet usage in West Africa

February 23, 2021 | by: David Kodjani

Our globe has more than 7.89 billion inhabitants and 59.5% of this population uses the internet.

In the digital age, the number of Internet users is only increasing exponentially. In 2021:

  1. 5.22 billion use a mobile phone
  2. 4.66 billion use the Internet, or 59.5% of the world's population
  3. 4; 2 billion are active on social networks
  4. Each Internet user spends an average of 6 hours 54 minutes being connected per day

Africa represents 10.9% of Internet users in the world, or about 507.9 million Internet users on the continent. With 42%,West Africa is among the top 3 regions with a high Internet penetration rate.

In terms of social media,Africa accounts for 6.6% of the active users of social media in the world, or approximately 277 million 200 miles on the continent. West Africa occupies 3rd place in terms of the penetration rate of social networks. It has a rate of 16%.

The Internet occupies more and more place in the daily life of Africans and social networks have, without a doubt, played a lot in favor of this.

Source: Community Managers of Africa

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