Ecocitizenship: Ablogamé high school to benefit from new 2.0 bins

October 24, 2021 | by: David Kodjani

The environmental program, Mois de l'Écocitoyissance (MEC), is continuing its third phase, which is initially to equip public schools in Togo with connected eco-bins.

The MEC team was therefore Wednesday, October 13, 2021 at Ablogamé high school to install two new bins equipped with QR Code technology. The garbage collection ceremony was held in the school grounds in the presence of distinguished guests and members of the school's environment club made up of students.

Among the guests, chief district Ablogamé, Togbui Misoblewou Wogomebu IV was "really impressed" by the initiative. He told us that he "would like that this does not stop only in high school and that his entire neighborhood has its ecological bins." He also firmly believes that this project "will help reduce waste within the establishment."

Keeping one's environment clean is a civic duty and the MEC team has understood this. This is why they did not fail to invite the Direction de la Formation Civique which was represented by Mr. Jean Tagba. The latter finds the "project very innovative and to be encouraged" because according to him it will "allow students to better manage their garbage, in this case plastic waste, which has become a global phenomenon that poses a lot of problems." Through these eco-bins, Mr. Tagba believes that a "good system for collecting and managing plastic waste" can be established.

The headmaster of the school, N'kadjaou Belaka Kadjidjamas who was also present appeared satisfied. He finds this project relevant and capable of positively impacting his learners in view of the current evolution of the world. Learners include Ahadji Kodjo Gédéon, student at Ablogamé high school and president of the environment club. For him, it is fortunate that his establishment is the first beneficiary of this program. Thus he promises to educate his comrades for his maintenance as well as to ensure that only plastic waste is placed. "In fact, this project can change a lot of things in our Lycée. This will allow us to keep our school clean and to avoid garbage all over the school, " he said.

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As you may have noticed on the banner image, AfroAware is one of the partners in this project that it finds innovative.

This partnership covers not only financial assistance, but also the domain knowledge sharing relating to this project.

AfroAware is thus committed along side the MEC team to together achieve zero plastic waste by 2027 in Togo.

The program will soon be in the grounds of the Klikamé high school to install other eco-bins. This is what the project coordinator, Aymane Gbadamassi, suggested: "Today, we are at the Ablogamé public school. In two weeks we will be in Klikamé high school, after a month we will be in Atikpa college and we hope that by 2027, we will be able to finish with all the schools in Togo."

This vast project has been developed for years by an association of young people which campaigns to inculcate in the daily lives of children especially at the grassroots the philosophy of environmental protection. Through this policy, it intends to enable the young people who are the next generation of tomorrow to be excellent promoters of civic and moral values.

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