Digital Marketing, One Of The Promesing Sectors In West Africa

March 16, 2021 | by: David Kodjani

Although the term was created in 1962, the concept of marketing really saw the light of day in 1950. In an American society where consumption was at the center of industrial strategy, this revolutionary process would change the foundations of the relationship between sellers and buyers.

However, we will have to wait more than 40 years, in 1992, to witness the birth of the digital marketing phenomenon. With the birth of Google, MSN and Yahoo, we witnessed a real digital transformation from the beginning of the 2000s.

Digital marketing is also called e-marketing or electronic marketing. For a company, it is about developing the customer relationship, that is to say making the most of its notoriety in order to boost its turnover. For that, it is essential to associate this notion with a strategy. Indeed, it is not enough to create content and deliver it on the targeted media. Depending on the identity of your company, its area of ​​practice, you must develop a strategy that will use the channels that best correspond to its application. Not all channels are created equal and not all are adaptable to each project. It is necessary to find those which correspond best in order to enhance your project.

The strategy is a global approach which takes into account your means and your objectives. All the levers you activate will be at the service of your website. It is he who is the center of the system. Channels "work" at the periphery to bring you customers. Then, your site must be efficient enough to keep visitors, and turn them into customers. This is called conversion. It is not enough to have a lot of visitors if the conversion rate remains low.

The digital revolution is underway and does not intend to stop there. Business development is now closely linked to digital marketing. Since the start of the decade, Africa has been undergoing economic and digital transformation.

The last few years have seen an exponential increase in the use of connected devices by everyone. In this abundant and constantly evolving universe, it is essential to be as close as possible to the latest innovations, the latest finds. For the years to come, several trends stand out, according to many experts.

Thus, audio content, which is already in vogue, will assert itself more and more as an essential tool. Through streaming music services, or voice-activated assistants, this tool is promised a great evolution in the months to come.

Artificial intelligence, via chatbots, will significantly change the relationship with the customer. Personalization and speed are at the heart of this trend, which is still in its infancy.

Digital influencer marketing also has a bright future ahead of it. Brands are increasingly using this type of practice. These are no longer confined to the world of fashion, but tend to be deployed in a large number of sectors.

The analysis of the data, the audience of your site, in short the state of your e-reputation is also an issue of the utmost importance.

Finally, inbound marketing is also becoming a preponderant element in digital marketing. He is attractive that he does not rely on intrusion, but rather on relevance and trust. This method tends to suggest rather than impose. Through loyalty, we focus on the communication of satisfied customers who are naturally more inclined to promote your brand, your service.

Marketing is far from a frozen process. New product and service management techniques are developed every year to improve business performance. This is the case for all new techniques such as Brand content, or inbound marketing.

Communication, marketing and advertising are constantly evolving sectors which require constant monitoring of new trends, particularly in the area of ​​social networks and new technologies. It is about never being overtaken by the new tools which follow one another, and to follow the specialized blogs closely.

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