List of the best online restaurants in West Africa

March 18, 2021 | by: David Kodjani

We are in the digital age with the many advantages that come with it. One of its advantages is being able to place orders online at restaurants that offer delivery services.

With this innovation, the average citizen can have their food delivered wherever they are without having to travel. This saves a lot of time for whoever decides to use this service.

So here is a list of the best online restaurants in West Africa:

JUMIA FOOD delivers meals, drinks and groceries directly from hundreds of restaurants and stores in 9 countries (Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Uganda, Morocco, Ivory Coast, Algeria, Senegal and Tunisia). Jumia Food also allows you to order medicines in its PHARMACY service (only available in certain countries). They meet essential customer needs within an hour of ordering.

O Good Food is a unique restaurant in Dakar which offers Pizzas, Burgers, American cuisine to enjoy on site, to take away or even for delivery. Orders are confirmed in real time.

Teral offers residents of Dakar who are passing through, of origin, heart or adoption, a tasty, simple restaurant that is rooted in its environment. In a setting with inspirations Afropolitan, Teral is Senegalese and more broadly African cuisine, prepared with care with local products and in partnership with local traders. All their seasonings are homemade, without industrial additives harmful to health, and we take the greatest care to please the palates of customers.

Dakar Food Delivery is an online food ordering platform in the best restaurants in the city. It serves as a digital intermediary between restaurants and these customers. Delivery is made at home or at the office by the restaurant in which the customer placed his order.

Delivroum is the first on-demand delivery application in Lomé. It is a benchmark in the field of Foodtech. The Startup acquired by theGroup GOZEM in October 2020, a reference on its online sales platform, for food and non-food products businesses (Restaurants, Fast Foods, Supermarkets, Convenience stores, etc.). Delivroum acts as an intermediary between businesses and customers and allows the latter to order and have them delivered everywhere in Lomé by the fleet of Delivroum Deliverers, the 'Delivroumeurs'.

Kaba is an on-demand restaurant menu delivery application in Togo. Order and have it delivered to your home or to any address, dishes from the best restaurants. By ordering your meals with Kaba, enjoy timely delivery with affordable delivery rates. The service is based on 3 criteria namely: professionalism (they have trained delivery people concerned about your satisfaction), innovation (they use technology and other innovations to simplify the lives of Togolese) and quality (they are 'ensure a quality service rendered to offer you a great experience).

e-Bouf is an online restaurant chain that allows customers to order their dishes not on an app but on the popular Whatsapp app. Everything takes place in discussion mode from the order to the delivery which is generally billed at 500 CFA francs everywhere in Lomé.

Kilimanjaro is one of the various food catering brands, operating in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) segment, the brand has established itself as a market leader and one of the fastest growing catering brands. fastest in the country with currently 48 stores across Nigeria with more to come. Kilimanjaro caters to the unique preference of the general population of this part of sub-Saharan Africa for its local dishes. They deliver fresh, hot and appetizing meals, pastries, sandwiches and drinks to thousands of customers every day in the best environment. Our restaurants are distinguished by their bright colors and their beautiful atmosphere inviting you to dine on site or to take away with dishes of the best quality.

Fikaso is on a mission to revolutionize the way you order your food. They've teamed up with the best restaurants, from small local addresses to cult franchises, to deliver their customers' favorite dishes right to their doorstep. With a large team of couriers, customers' orders are delivered in 32 minutes on average. Fikaso is present in all the communes of the district of Bamako with a head office in the ACI 2000 district and regularly collaborates with nearly fifty restaurants and traders as well as with dozens of couriers.

Al Mersoul is a delivery application. Present in Nouakchott, and soon in the other cities of Mauritania, Al Mersoul allows you to choose your meals and place the order. These are the only two things the customer needs to do and the delivery service takes care of the rest.

Direct Resto is in partnership with a selection of the best Restaurants in Niamey chosen on several criteria including hygiene and quality. Direct Resto works closely with all these restaurants in order to make life as easy as possible for Nigeriens by ordering from their place of work or their home. With Direct Resto, from the creation of your order to its delivery, you are kept informed of each step which allows you to remain serene because it is well known that who is hungry becomes less patient! After each of your orders, you can rate the service and leave a review. You can also rely on the opinions of other customers to inform you because Direct Resto practices what is called CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT. The goal is that in addition to offering a basic service, they try to improve daily in order to provide you with an exceptional user experience.

Allô 224 is a delivery ecosystem for individuals and businesses. It is positioned on the concept of "Touch and delivery".

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