Togo: Eco-bins for zero plastic waste by 2027

June 04, 2021 | by: David Kodjani

"Mois de l'ÉcoCitoyenneté" is the name of an environmental program launched in 2018 and which aims to raise students' awareness of the concepts of environmental protection and to equip schools with tools necessary for better management of plastic waste.

The vision of the project is clear, "zero plastic waste in Togo in 2027."

Supported by the association Bras Ouvert Luna Togo, this program is in its third phase which consists of offering and installing green bins in public schools in Togo. Pictured above is the school of Ablogamé Lomé who was the first to benefit, Wednesday, June 2, 2021. These eco-bins are a first of its kind in the coastal country.

According to the program coordinator, Aymane Gbadamassi, 50 eco-bins will be offered to schools for recycling plastic.

In addition to being ecological, these bins are at the cutting edge of technology, location-aware with all data integrated into a database and managed in a platform.

From there, a QR-Code will be generated and attached to each bin. Thanks to this, once a trash can is more than half full, it will suffice for a user to take their android phone, connect to the internet and scan the code to send an alert.

The collection team will then come and collect the plastics from these eco-bins that operate without electricity.

It should be noted that since 2018 until now, the program has made it possible to educate more than 30,000 students.

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