Morocco now has a portal for reporting sexual violence against children.

February 20, 2021 | by: David Kodjani

Morocco launched on Thursday, February 11, its first national portal for reporting images and videos of sexual violence against children.

The country of King Mohammed VI is now attacking sexual violence against children and its dissemination on the web. To ensure that it takes control of this scourge, the Moroccan government has joined forces with the Moroccan Center for Polytechnic Research and Innovation, the Amane association, with technological support from the Internet Watch Foundation. This platform called Espace Maroc Cyberconfiancewill allow citizens to securely and anonymously report images and videos of sexual violence against children posted on the Internet. In French and Arabic, the portal is monitored 24 hours a day by experts from the Internet Watch Foundation, which analyzes the reported content in order to remove it and prevent it from reappearing online. This same content will then be reported to local authorities and made available to them to initiate legal proceedings.

Since reporting anonymity is paramount, Internet Watch Foundation Director Susie Hargreaves said at the launch that "This portal gives people a safe and anonymous way to do the right thing. This will make the internet safer in Morocco and help us eliminate images of sexual abuse online wherever they are shared. We need to make sure people, especially children, are safe. This portal is absolutely essential to achieve this".

InMorocco, sexual violence against children is still difficult to identify and report because of the taboo surrounding the subject, and because of its evolution and rapid changes, particularly around the development of digital technologies, where the need for anonymity. Through this portal, Morocco will benefit, thanks to a global partnership, from a technological tool that will strengthen national efforts to protect children against violence and sexual exploitation online. The kingdom thus becomes the 45th country in the world to have a portal set up by the Internet Watch Foundation, the 13th in Africa and the very first in the North Africa region.

Note that this new breakthrough in the fight against sexual violence was once again facilitated by technology. So we can probably say that technological progress has greatly served man as a whole and also to improve considerablyhis standard of living.

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